Performance Socks Are the best if you ask me

Well fitting and cormfy

 Compression Socks shaping a new trend for athletes

Have you asked yourself whether the new, trendy and attention grabbing socks common today with athletes are just ordinary socks? Well they are not, in fact, they have a therapeutic effect. Before we even discover how that is possible, let’s explore how they found their way to our pitches and tracks. They have been designed aping those used in the medical field and used to prevent blood from clotting in the usually smaller blood vessels.

Compression socks can significantly boost an athlete’s performance by not only preventing blood clots, but also preventing muscle fatigue; muscle cramps incidents and pooling of blood around the lower extremities. Other benefits an athlete gets from compression socks are: extra support on the leg joints, muscle and ankle, better stability when running, working out and walking, protection of the lower extremities and are responsible for keeping your foot warm during cold days. They are also good for winding down especially after strenuous exercises. After a strenuous exercise, they help the body to recover quickly by reducing muscle pain and fatigue on joints.

But what is compression socks made of? Made of fine rubber material that is able to have a grip on the part it is holding, it is credited for quick recuperation rate for patients who used it. For the 60 years it has been used it has shown resilience when it comes to ageing. A good quality compression socks fits just right, comes with an added thick protective material and is stitched right to prevent wear during rigorous workouts. As much as it will enhance an athlete’s performance, it has great health benefits as highlighted here.


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Alternative Clothing


New look

Alternative clothing is by definition clothing that is simply unique and different, inspired by creativity and desire to have a distinct style which gives a look and feel of originality. Alternative clothing enthusiasts will tell you it is for people who like manifesting their individuality in the clothes they wear; it could not be further from the truth. The style has been there from yester years and the only thing that has changed is the inspiration of this mode of clothing. In the 70’s for instance it drew a lot of its motivation from the music of the time, notably rock and pop music. Presently, like before, the inspirations have barely changed, but the characters and generations have.

There is a myriad of factors motivating today’s alternative clothing trends and thanks to the internet, the globe has become one ‘market place’. Since conventional fashion is defined by cultures, art and people, mixing the three; in good measure, yields a typical alternative clothing style. With online shopping you can get what is not in the local shops which everybody is wearing, and define your own look. Some manufacturers are also taking up this trend and producing significantly unique footwear, swimwear, underwear and accessories in their production lines. They have realized that they can offer this group of consumers a wide collection of styles and ranges according to their preferences to some real benefit.

Women can enjoy a greater array of alternative clothing items from their big range of footwear, underwear, swimwear, dresses, tops and jeans, handbags and other accessories. They also have the ability to beautifully blend multiple colors at one go which makes it easier to stamp your unique identity. Men have not been left behind with the most common being T-shirts, jeans, hoodies, sweaters, shorts and wallets.

If you therefore don’t subscribe to the prevailing fashion you may want to know that you have several cool options that will make you feel most confident in what you are in.

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Get younger and achieve financial independence

How to turn back the hands of time

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